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This site is for puppy or dog owners who need some advice or help with their pets. Not everyone knows how to train a puppy or dog. Hopefully I can help someone and keep their dog from going to a shelter, where it might be put to sleep. 90% of all puppies or dogs taken to a shelter NEVER leave the place alive!!!! If you do not train your pup/dog, it will act like a dog. The pup/dog will not just know how to behave, except like a dog. You must teach it the rules and manners, just like you would a child. You must learn how to become the "Leader" or "Boss" of your dog. Your dog might love you, but if it does not respect you as the Leader then problems develop. I can teach you how to become the "Leader" without yelling at or hitting your pup or dog. Those things do not work and will only make the animal fear you! A dog is an animal and should be treated like one. It is not a child and will never have human emotions! The first thing most people do when they bring the pup home is give it human emotions and feelings. You need to remember that you can love it to pieces but it is a dog and will think like one! Treat it well but treat it like a dog! Only reward and pay attention to the animal at the correct moment. You and your dog will be happier if you remember to treat it like a pack member! That is, YOU are the LEADER and you DOG is the FOLLOWER! If you have a question just email me. I will send you some of my training articles for free. There is no such thing as a dumb question! If you don't ask, how will you ever learn the answer?

So sit back, relax and get ready to learn how to interact with your pup or dog!
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Check out my video of some dogs I have trained in the past. http://www.youtu.be/R2--BH98gDg

This is a picture of me and my dog Uggie. Uggie was a Catahoula Cur and Lab mix. She did all kinds of tricks. She spent 60+ hours a week with me when I worked at Petsmart #206. She was the store mascot from October of 1995 until August of 2000. I lost Uggie on April 22, 2011 and I still miss her everyday. She was the best dog that God ever made!

This is a letter that one of my customers sent when asked about her training experience with me. To say the least she was very pleased! Her name is Irene Ramirez and she has an Australian Shepherd that was totally out of control.She met me when I was just teaching obedience classes and not doing private training yet. How much better would her dog have turned out if she had my full time attention instead of having to deal with a class full of people. Enjoy this testimonial! Terry

"I would be absolutely thrilled to tell you about our experience! I can't say enough about how wonderful Terry is! My husband & I respect her a great deal. She's very knowledgeable & has a marvelous balance of being quite strict with the training, while being very kind & compassionate at the same time. You will quickly learn that it's for a very good reason that she's strict. She definitely knows what she's doing. It's basically because of her that our very dominant, aggressive & hyperactive 65 lb. "killer" Blue Heeler now sleeps with our cats & gets along with all of our other dogs! He tried to kill them all when he first came into our home & back then I NEVER dreamed that he'd be as amazingly sweet & loving as he is today. Before his training, I looked liked a "battered wife" because he would constantly jump up on me, knock me over & constantly nip & bite me. He was completely unmanageable. (He was given to us as a last resort & if we hadn't agreed to take him, his previous owner would have taken him to the Humane Society instead of our house. As aggressive as he was, I don't believe that he would have ever been adopted - they would have destroyed him.) I had to wear long sleeved shirts & long pants (in the middle of our hot summer) because I my arms & legs were completely covered in bruises. He nipped not because he wanted to hurt me, but because he simply hadn't been trained & was trying to establish his dominance. (His jaws are so very strong & didn't realize that he was really hurting me.) Fortunately, (thank God) we went to Terry for obedience training. Actually, it should be called "owner training" too, because you will learn for the first time, how to effectively communicate with your dog in a way that he can understand. It's really quite wonderful when this happens - you will share a common language with him & you will both learn a great deal. Terry can teach you everything that you'll need to know, but you will still have to have the discipline to consistently work with your dog & train him once you leave the class. She can't do that - you'll have to do the work! It was Terry who taught us that the worst thing anyone can ever do with an aggressive dog is to act aggressively towards it. (I can now whisper a command & this formerly aggressive dog obeys!) That only teaches them to be more aggressive! That's one thing that you don't have to teach dogs. If the time ever comes for them to become aggressive because they're defending you, or if you're ever in danger, believe me - they know exactly what to do & you won't have to tell them! I think that our Blue Heeler is probably the "poster child" of dog obedience. If our dog could become the sweet lovable family member that we now have, then ANY dog on the face of the earth can be trained to be the same! It does take patience & you do have to be willing to work every single day with your dog. Plus, every dog learns at a different pace, so you really do have to be very patient & loving. It's well worth it though to have a pet that truly becomes part of your family that you can share your home with. We've trained each of our dogs over the years, but I've never known any dog to be as extremely aggressive as ours was. You can ask, but I don't think that even Terry had ever seen any dog like ours before. I had to keep him way at the back of the class far away from anyone else for weeks because of how terribly aggressive & hostile he was. He was quite scary! Basically, he would snarl, bark, lunge & try & kill anything that came near. I apologize that this is extremely lengthy & I know that you really didn't ask for a lecture, but if you could have seen the miraculous transformation in this animal, you'd be as amazed as we still are today! :) I truly think that the only regret you'll ever have, is that you didn't take your dog for training sooner. By the way, while I was training our second dog (a black Lab) with Terry, I was so surprised to see my veterinarian in class with her dog too (a very large Great Dane). She told me that Terry was the only trainer in this area that she would go to, which I had not known when we took our first dog to Terry. Although I really didn't need my vet to tell me that, it was still nice to know! Whew! So...there you have it. Good luck with your dog & let me know if I can help further (although if you have Terry, you won't need me)! Irene:) PS By the way, just for the record - no, I'm not related to Terry (never met her before we took classes with her) & no, she doesn't pay me to say all of this! She should though, eh?! Just kidding! Best of luck to you! Irene Ramirez--Lumberton, Texas":)

Now for some information about me!

My name is Terry Pfeffer and I live in southeast Texas. I have been a dog trainer for 37 years. I love to work with someone who has been having problems with their puppy or dog. I get such a kick when the owners see their puppy or dog respond to the commands. Most puppies or dogs are not stubborn, just confused about what is expected of them and where they rank in the pack(your family). I teach the owners how to communicate properly with their animal by becoming the leader. If you want to book your pup or dog for the training or if you just have questions please call (409)790-7272.

This is a letter that one of my customers sent when asked about her training experience with me. To say the least she was very pleased! Her name is Amanda Perry and she has a Saint Bernard puppy that was totally out of control. Needless to say she was very happy with how well her huge, but loveable puppy turned out. Enjoy this testimonial! Terry

February 26, 2011

TerryPfeff Dog Training
Sour Lake, Texas 77659

Dear Ms. Pfeffer:

Recently my fiancé and I searched online looking at may different dog training and obedience schools and programs. We found many programs and schools available, but none of them offered the direct hands on approach as your does. A month or so ago we brought our five month old St. Bernard puppy Jack to you for your training program.

When we first purchased Jack from his breeders we were amazed at how playful, loving and intelligent of a dog he was. However, we knew how big and powerful he would grow to be, and with two young kids we wanted to make sure he was properly trained to avoid any injuries to family members or himself. We wanted someone that was experienced and positive to teach him commands he could follow as he grew. I had looked into the obedience programs at local pet stores, but was very concerned with the lack of one on one time they offered with the trainers. All of these “puppy” classes were set in a group setting, and seeing how our “puppy” was already nearly 87lbs., we knew this would be a recipe for disaster. This is when we made the decision to send Jack to your training school. The day we dropped Jack off to you, it was immediately clear to us he was in great hands and would have plenty of one on one time with you. After spending close to an hour with my fiancé and I, you put all of our concerns and fears to rest. We felt very comfortable leaving our “baby” and newest family member with you and trusted you completely. You reassured us that Jack would not forget us, or remember us taking him there and leaving him and he would be just as excited to see us when we picked him up as he was when we dropped him off.

The day we were ready to come and pick up Jack once he completed his training program, we were amazed. A puppy who previously was bouncing off the walls with excitement anytime the doorbell rang, or tackling my son, while playing chase, was now sitting calmly and patiently at your front door. He did not run, tackle or slobber all over us or my eight year old son(who is his absolute most favorite play buddy). It was raining that day, so we were concerned we would not be able to go outside and practice all of the commands he has learned, but you took the time and opened up your home to teach us inside. As you were working with us and Jack, I could see the love and passion you have for your job and the animals you work with.

Jack came to us as a beautiful and smart puppy from his breeders, and with your training for both us and Jack, he is well on his way to being an absolutely stunning and joyful member of our family that we treasure dearly. You have taught him great skills that will not only keep all the humans around him safe and comfortable, but will also make him receive the positive attention and praise he deserves. Thank you so much for your skills and reassurance of how great and well mannered, even a two hundred pound dog can be!


Amanda Perry
Houston, Texas 77044

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